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Paul, 77
“I heard that minor bumps at a later age could have dramatic consequences. So I’m taking action now.”
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How it started
For me, it started with a minor fall from my bike. Nothing serious, but enough to be taken to hospital for a fractured wrist. A year later, I fractured my ankle after missing a step on a ladder. The radiologist noticed something strange on the x-rays and suggested a bone density test. The results were clear: osteoporosis.
According to the risk factors for osteoporosis, I’m not at risk. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink heavily, I don’t have a family history of osteoporosis and I’m a man.
Osteoporosis is an old woman’s disease, isn’t it? Apparently not. In fact, it affects approximately one in three women and one in five men over 70.1,2
What I changed
Even though I have osteoporosis and am retired, I’m still young at heart. Even so, I decided to make some changes to prevent future accidents and reduce the likelihood of fractures.
I now go for relaxing bike rides with a couple of friends instead of cycling on my racing bike as this has a lower risk of falling. I also follow the exercises on
I did my own research before talking to my doctor about treatment options. I found the checklist on useful to know what to ask. My doctor says that my long term bone health should improve as long as I keep up with the treatments long term.
How it helped
Since my diagnosis, I’m more aware of my limits, but I don’t let them stop me from doing something that I really want to do.

How I feel now
How do I feel now? Slightly conflicted, to be honest.
I love that I still see my old friends and have made plenty of new ones. Plus, I enjoy life and everything it offers. However, I’m concerned about falling and I feel that I’ve become a lot more cautious than I used to be.

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