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Jane, 70
“I’ve always been interested in genealogy. Now that I have read that osteoporosis is often hereditary, my research is more focused.”
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How it started
I’ve always been aware of osteoporosis
My mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis in her 60s and my paternal grandmother had a Dowager’s hump, so I’ve always been aware of osteoporosis. But I didn’t realise that it might affect me until a friend suggested I take the one-minute bone test on
I didn’t think I was at risk until I took the test. I showed my results to my doctor who immediately suggested a bone density test.
The bone density test was simple: just lie still for a couple of minutes. Completely non-invasive and pain-free. And the results were available quickly.
What I changed
It was a major setback to find out that I have osteoporosis and I was worried about how my life would change.
I’ve always known my lifestyle wasn’t healthy, but I didn’t have the motivation to change. I don’t enjoy cooking for just me, so I rely on ready-to-eat meals, and I always use my car even if finding a parking space takes longer than walking the entire distance.
In addition to the medical treatment, my doctor recommended some drastic changes. My diet changed to help support my bones, which meant fruit, vegetable and vitamin D supplements. And I started exercising regularly, which wasn’t as terrible as I feared. I found a weekly Tai Chi group with an experienced teacher, and I’m surprised how much I enjoy it. I also do some exercises I found on
I’ve discussed osteoporosis testing with my entire family.
How it helped
I’m eating better than before – and I’m more social as I often cook a large and healthy meal for a group of friends and then freeze the leftovers for another day when I’m eating alone.

How I feel now
I feel healthier than I did before my diagnosis. A quick questionnaire helped me, so now I recommend it to all my friends and family!


What next?

Now you’ve decided to go to your doctor, how should you prepare? What should you ask during the appointment? And what follow-up do you need to do?
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