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Helen, 70
“My son’s garden, sunlight, exercise and greens help me stay active.”
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How it started
I visited my doctor for a general check-up shortly after I retired. He recommended a range of tests, including a bone density test. My test results came back positive for osteoporosis, but clear for almost everything else.
What I changed
To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. The first time I discussed my situation with my doctor, he only went through the basics and we arranged a follow-up appointment for a few weeks later.
I had done some research and I asked my doctor a lot of questions during the follow-up appointment. He recommended a regular treatment programme that encompasses medicine, diet, exercise and vitamin supplements.
I found it easy to implement the medical treatment plan. However, I felt that my lifestyle was healthy enough. I might snack more than my doctor would like and I don’t exercise, but I feel fine. So I didn’t change anything.
A few months after I started the treatment, I started to read a pamphlet about how osteoporosis is known as a silent disease – it doesn’t affect people’s perceived health, but can be devastating when they suffer a fracture.
How it helped
After reading the pamphlet, I started to research osteoporosis to learn more about how I can keep myself healthy. While I still don’t fully understand the disease and the impact it could have on my future health, I have started to implement all the changes my doctor mentioned. It’s been easier than I expected – and that helps as I still want my life to stay as normal as possible. And that means spending time outside with friends, playing with my grandchildren and growing the best vegetables possible.

How I feel now
I don’t want my diagnosis to take over my life. Nor do I want to become a burden to my family.
So, I’m going to follow the long-term treatment programme recommended by my doctor and continue my research into the disease.


What next?

Now you’ve decided to go to your doctor, how should you prepare? What should you ask during the appointment? And what follow-up do you need to do?
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