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Alice, 74
“I’ve never wanted to be a burden. But that’s how I felt when my doctor first presented me with my test results. It took a while to feel back in control of my life.”
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How it started
A few years ago my daughter suggested I talk to my doctor about the possible side effects of taking cortisone treatments for my rheumatoid arthritis. She also asked me to take the one minute test from fragilebones.eu
Long-lasting cortisone treatments are a risk factor for osteoporosis, so I showed my doctor the results of my one-minute online test and asked for a bone density test “to be on the safe side”.
What I changed
My doctor suggested a regular treatment plan, but I didn’t feel that I was getting the full story. I’ve always relied on my doctor to give me good advice concerning my health, so I wasn’t sure where to start to help myself.
My daughter did some research and suggested I eat more healthily and stay active. Unfortunately, that’s not something I’ve found easy in the past. She also helped me compile some questions to ask my doctor during my follow-up appointment.
I now go swimming every week to strengthen my muscles. Plus, it’s a great excuse to use the sauna at the pool.
I also walk instead of driving for short journeys, like to the local shops. And it’s giving me the motivation I need to actually stick to a healthier diet
How it helped
It might sound strange, but the osteoporosis diagnosis was good for me. It gave me a definite reason to take better care of myself so I can continue to fully enjoy life.
I’m now following a full treatment plan – exercise, diet, vitamin supplements and medical treatments – to help manage the disease.

How I feel now
Am I doing enough?
On one hand I feel as if I’m back in control of my body. I know I have osteoporosis, but I know how to treat it. But, on the other hand I’m still concerned for my future. What will happen if I fall? Will I suffer a fracture? Am I doing enough to keep myself healthy?


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