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Nutritional Advice


Which snack is healthier?

Healthy snacks for good diet
A small change can have a huge impact. To give an example, if you choose the scone instead of the Danish pastry, 3 times a week over a whole year, you could save yourself from gaining 9kg (1.5 stones) in weight.1

Different types of snacks:2

Protein snacks like dried fruits, yogurt and muesli

Protein-rich snacks

Delicious protein-rich snacks include: trail mix, vegetable sticks in hummus, Greek yoghurt and granola and hard boiled eggs.2

Calcium rich milk products like cheese and yogurt

Calcium-rich snacks

Tasty calcium-rich snacks include: milk, cheese blocks, almonds and yoghurt.3

Nutritious snacks like fruits and berries

Nutritional snacks

Tempting nutritional snacks include: fruit, cherry tomatoes, mixed berries and nuts.4

In more detail

If you need a snack, it’s best to go for one that is protein- and calcium-rich or nutritional. Not only will that be more filling than a sugary snack, it’s also better for you.1