Fragile Bones | Osteoporosis | Risks, Nutrition, Exercises & Get tested

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One-minute bone test

Am I at risk for osteoporosis?

Quickly find out if you’re at risk of osteoporosis with this quick and easy test. Print out and discuss your results with your doctor.
Test your bones!
Audrey, 72
“A dog would help me stay active and walk more.”

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Marie, 70
“It is reassuring to know why I can’t reach the top shelf anymore!”

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Exercise guide

Stay active. Stay independent.

There are 101 ways to keep moving. Find a way to get active that fits into your lifestyle.
Get moving!
Alice, 74
“I’ve always cared for others. I don’t want to be a burden now.”

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Helen, 70
“To look after the people I love, I need to look after myself.”

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Nutritional Advice

Eat healthy and stay healthy

What you eat – and don’t eat – can have a huge impact on your general health and wellbeing. Read which foods you should (and shouldn’t) be eating if you have or want to prevent osteoporosis.
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Paul, 77
“I might have old bones, but I’m still young at heart!”

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Sarah, 70
“I feel energetic and want to stay active, regardless of my age!”

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Doris, 79
“I need to stay active to keep up with my grandchildren.”

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What next?

Now you’ve decided to go to your doctor, how should you prepare? What should you ask during the appointment? And what follow-up do you need to do?
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